About Us

Every Citizens Vote organically grew out of a populist voter-led, pro-constitutional-republic rule-of-law movement in Michigan.

Volunteers are engaged, empowered, and committed to return political power back to the people. This is accomplished by encouraging corruption-free, lawful, and accessible elections are available to every citizen.


Every Citizens Vote acts to lawfully ensure both voting access and election system security are not compromised. No one wants their vote functionally nullified because election security was compromised in the name of ‘voter access’ when both voter access and security must occur simultaneously. Proper voting access requires poll challengers and workers work in an environment free from harassment, intimidation, and interference — so your access to having your vote affect election outcomes is not negated by corruption in ballot processing facilities.


Every Citizens Vote works to make sure drop boxes are accessible and secured. And, that they are not being abused by ballot-traffickers who may otherwise nullify or dilute your vote by dumping illegal ballots into unsecured drop boxes otherwise functioning as the illegal ballot ‘delivery mechanism of choice’ to ballot traffickers.


Every Citizen Vote is focused on ensuring localized voting volume and timing analysis informs in-person voting system expansion as necessary to minimize or eliminate lines.


Securing absentee ballot systems is critical to your vote not being negated or diluted. Absentee ballot systems are the system of choice for ballot traffickers creative in their ability to exploit vulnerabilities. Every Citizens Vote works to eliminate the potential for ballot-traffickers to exploit absentee ballots systems as required to insure voters determine election outcomes not those managing corruption.


Every Citizens Vote works to ensure photo drivers licenses and/or photo identification cards issued by the State of Michigan are easily accessible and required to vote as needed to make sure your vote is not diluted or nullified by illegal voting. We also work to and ensure signature verification criteria is not diminished as to encourage signature forgeries by those who would corrupt election outcomes.